Wednesday, April 27, 2011

get money from facebook~~ :)

do you have nuffnang advertisement on your blog? can you see how much it gives you benefit especially when you have a lot of followers? well, i don't know about that because as you can see i haven't put any of that yet..:( but!! the last two days, i signed up for that gave you benefits just like nuffnang did. however, this is just for those who have facebook and twitter account.*im not sure if there's other than that* just by signing up, you can get 200cp (Contribution Point). when you have enough cp, you can bid for some prizes that i'm sure are very interesting. and by inviting friends, you will get RM1 from each of them. the more you invite your friends, the more money you will get. and don't forget to share all the campaigns provided cuz you will get rm0.20 per click. interesting right? there are a lot more you should know.. for facebook users, you just need to sign in by clicking here . so, do you want to make more money? If your answer is yes, start joining this network now.. bye~~~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

thank you tuesday.. :)

feeling normal again. the exams have finished. just for a few weeks though. still got four papers to go. hate the feeling every time i wanted to step into the room right before the exam. that will happen if you don't study enough, just like me!! i wonder what the lecturers will think of my answers. well, feeling regret now will never work out. unless i have the spirit to completely change after this. not only in my exams, but also in doing assignments. i will make sure that my 'yada yada' habit won't ruin my determination of being a good girl after this. *pinky swear* anyway, it’s time to stand out and “wow” the crowd again.. byeee~~~