Tuesday, January 25, 2011

im l0vin' it.. :)

i can't get en0ugh rest lately.. g0t a l0t 0f h0mew0rk and 0ur lecturers already start giving us 0ur KKBI f0r this semester.. and yes!! im running 0ut 0f new m0vies.. all0wance~~~all0wance~~ need y0u A.S.A.P... huhu... 0wh ya, t0day i g0t this very co0l pict edited by my chenta..hihi.. if y0u read this, thnx syg...:))))

this pict is taken during 0ur trip t0 p0ring, ranau.. credit t0 marc as the photographer..miahahaha

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

push the button~~ :)

hola hola evryone~~:)) im not a big fan of blogging actually but still trying to fit myself here for sure.. dont wanna miss the fun and excitement by being a blogger.. yeay!! anyway, thanx to my roomate yvonny for helping me out tracking down my old account which have been created since 2009!!!! hehe.. and not to forget, for being my first follower too.. :))